Grandparents Book

Grandparents Book

We love our grandmas! I’m so glad my children have gotten the chance to know both grandmothers so well. By the time my oldest was only six months old, my father passed away; my husband’s father was already gone before we had even started dating. Still, I want my children to know the kind of men their grandfathers were — men who wanted to leave a good legacy for their families.

A grandparents book is one way children can get to know their grandparents better, whether they are already gone or still with you. Begin by gathering supplies with your child.

What You’ll Need
  • A file folder
  • Notebook paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Cardstock
  • Family scrapbooks or photo albums
  • Glue sticks
  • A 3-ring binder
  • Page Protectors
Gather Information

To start, locate any information you have about the grandparents. For example, I recently found a paper in our attic listing some family history on my mother’s side. Are there any other records available, such as award certificates, pamphlets, programs, or newspaper articles featuring one of the grandparents? Collect the information in the file folder so you’ll have it all in one place when you’re ready.

Take Notes

Next, help your child write down some notes about things he already knows about his grandparents, such as their favorite colors, favorite foods, family pets, their home, favorite travel destinations, and careers. If you don’t know, ask! Encourage the grandparents to share stories of their youth with you and your child, and write them down to add to the folder.

Include Photos

If the grandparents will allow it, make copies of some of their photos from their childhood, early marriage, and parenting years. You can affix these photos to cardstock, label them, and store them safely in page protectors.

Put It All Together

When your child has gathered enough information, start putting the book together. Arrange it by person chronologically in the three-ring binder, using the page protectors for photos, newspaper articles, etc.

Once it’s finished, enjoy the book with your child and a grandparent! And the fun of finding information doesn’t have to end — every time your child visits a grandparent, have them come back with something new to add.

What are some things your family would include in a Grandparent Book?

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