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When I was a kid, trick or treating was done on the one night only. I remember my brother and I fretting over the weather if it was cloudy.   Would Halloween be cancelled of it rained?  Nowadays, there are 101 events leading up to Halloween night, both outside of and in school.  Each event brings with it a barrage of cavity and belly ache inducing candy.

Because of this, I do not purchase any candy to keep in our home. It would just compound the problem.  What I do is create some fun, spooky snack alternatives with my kids.  It’s bonding time and a good way to ensure they eat some fruits the week leading up to Halloween.

Here are two snacks that are fun to make and are a healthy lead into the inevitable bag of candy on Halloween night:

-Mouth Full Of Teeth

From Food Lovers International Facebook page

Slice red apples into crescents without peeling, spread peanut butter or other nut butter and line little marshmallows between two slices, with red peel showing. Each looks like a mouth full of teeth.  My son added raisins to some for a giggle.


-Creepy Centipedes










Line up 10 mini vegetarian corn dogs (healthy alternative to regular corn dogs) in a curvy line on a baking sheet.  Bake as instructed. When done, they will have stuck together lightly.  After letting them cool, attach potato sticks in the front for antennas and then one on both sides of each corn dog for the legs. Dot the front with ketchup for two eyes and you have your centipede. My son created a mouth with the ketchup too. Serve on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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