Homemade Halloween

We went costume shopping last week.  There was lots to choose from but it was all very expensive and not very original.

This week we decided to concentrate on creating his costume. He wants to be a zombie. His only specification is that it not look homemade. I guess I have to say goodbye to the past Halloweens when he happily allowed me to dress him in  homemade outfits – the robot (cardboard and duct tape), the bat (brown scrap material made into a sloppy cape and hoodie) and how can we forget the classic ghost (old white sheet with two holes).

We have spent this week afterschool researching and practicing various make-up special effects to create the zombie look he’s going for.  He is really invested in this project. He’s excited because all our research and practice is resulting in a really original and realistic zombie look. In his words, his costume is going to “rock”.

Unless we can come up with something better, he will be dressed as a police officer (recycling last years costume) who was, unfortunately, infected by a virus, and is now a zombie ( backstory all his).  First, we will make homemade fake blood which will be strategically placed on his police officer uniform and his skin.  For his zombie face, neck and hands, we are using cornstarch to make a fake skin, cream face paint in red, purple, yellow and green for wounds and sores and applying it all with a paintbrush, Q-tips and bath loofa for texturing.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By  adamjonfuller

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