Homework Success

Homework success is possible with some planning and scheduling. When homework time is organized and effectively managed, it creates a good foundation for students and provides an environment that is the enemy to distraction. Setting up a homework routine can effectively reduce disruptive behavior.

Organize a homework environment by:

– setting up a predetermined schedule

-establish a predictable routine

-create a safe and productive space

-make sure resources are easily accessible

Set up a block of time after school that is to complete homework only. Make this time as untouchable as possible.  Communicate with  your child about this schedule so he or she knows what to expect.

Make sure a quiet, well-lit space is set aside to do homework. A good comfortable chair if a table or desk is to be used.  Remember, it doesn’t have to look like school. The space can be a comfy couch with a lap table.  The space should promote relaxation and and calm. Sometimes playing some background instrumental music is helpful for some children.

Make sure to have supplies on hand that may be needed. Having interesting items that supplement the curriculum will be helpful. Supplies such as models, picture books, coloring pages etc. Keep these materials organized and ready to bring out and use. A must have is a computer, laptop or tablet to do research or use interactive websites to help kids with projects and assignments.

Ultimately this homework management will also teach children to use time-management skills in their adult lives one day. For more ideas, click here (http://m.wikihow.com/Make-Homework-Fun-and-Fast).

Article By Nuria Almeida

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