Improving Concentration After School

My child sometimes has trouble concentrating on his home work. Everything else is more fun and interesting than the work in front of them.  Therefore, distractions are plenty. To help your child’s concentration, drain his or her high energy and improve focus, try some cognitive games. Here is one to start with.

Improving Concentration After School

The Coin Game is fast paced and fun.  First you need a small pile of assorted coins, a cardboard sheet to cover them, and a stopwatch. Choose five assorted coins from the pile and put them into a sequence on a flat surface. Instruct the child to look carefully at the coins and how they are arranged. After a minute, cover the coins with the cardboard sheet. Ask them to make the same pattern using the coins from the pile on the table. Start the stopwatch and  mark the time and remove the cardboard cover to compare. If their pattern doesn’t match, keep trying until it does. Increase the difficulty of the patterns and repeat.

Games like memory or Simon says, puzzles and crossword puzzles are also great cog native games.

The key is to do these with your child. Not as an enforcer but as a partner.  Being an active participant with them encourages kids to take it seriously.  As you track their progress, you can celebrate their improvements. This is also a great way to strengthen your relationship with your child and spend some memorable quality time.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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