Indoor Energy Burners

It’s raining almost every afternoon here.  It’s the season. It makes it very hard to help my two children get all the physical activity they require to be happy and be able to fall sleep at a decent hour. They need to bounce, climb, jump, roll and run.

Following are some fun ideas to help children burn off energy indoors.

-Mini trampoline in front of the TV

– Use an old sofa to jump on and flip over the back onto cushions

-Indoor climbing walls. Get the grips here: and here.

-Beanbags make good cushioning to jump and roll on

– Video games- the Wii and XBox Kinnect consoles both offer sports and adventure games that require kids to move to play

-Quaddro German climbing-gym building blocks. Make up play structures. Check out these and other building options at

– Swings- hang hooks in a wide doorway and tie an old wrap from them

– Safe Foam Sword Fighting

-Forts/ Climbing Fortress- hang a curtain around the bottom bunk of a sturdy bunk bed and get a canopy for the top bunk

-Cement playground- pull the car out of the garage and let the kids ride their scooters, bikes or use their rollerblades in there

– Ball pit- use a blow up pool and fill up with plastic balls

-Bounce House- get a used bounce house from Freecycle or Craigslist and set it up in the garage or a seldom used roo

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Kelly Sue

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