Jack and the Cornstalk | Literary Elements

Subject: Reading

Subskill: Reading Comprehension

Concept: Literary Elements

Grade Level: Middle elementary

Jack and the Cornstalk

A farmer sent his son Jack to check how high the corn was growing. Jack was a very short boy, so he brought a ladder with him. He was so small he made his ladder from pencils. Jack leaned his ladder up against one of the corn stalks. Then he climbed up to the top and looked at the field.

Jack was so happy to see it was a good harvest. But as he started to climb back down, he became VERY surprised! The corn kept growing and growing!

Jack’s father, who had been waiting at home for him, began to worry. Jack did not come home for lunch or for dinner! Knowing it would be hard to see little Jack in the cornfield, he decided to climb the tallest windmill.

From the top of the windmill, Jack’s father saw tiny Jack’s problem. He called out to the other farmers for help. But just as fast as the farmers cut a cornstalk down, another cornstalk sprouted taller than a tree.

Jack was very lucky, though. A grasshopper came by to save him. Hopping along the tops of the corn, the grasshopper carried little Jack home.

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the story:

What was the author’s purpose in writing this story?

Describe the problem in the story.

How was the problem resolved?

What character traits would you use to describe Jack?

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