Just Breathe! Meditation for Children

Recently my son had a problem that kept bugging him despite many efforts to solve it. He just could not get around it. After a couple of weeks, I noticed his sleep was disrupted  and he was a bit short tempered. So I decided to try with him a problem solving technique I had learned long ago in a yoga class.

Walking meditation is an opportunity to think over problems and possible solutions while in motion. Usually when we think of meditation, we imagine sitting still and breathing deeply- a thing that may be difficult for some children.

Walking meditation has two sections (thinking-moving)  that combine to energize and coordinate the mind and body. Even breathing and walking with arms and legs in opposition while going over a problem help to find a good outcome.

This is how walking meditation works:

-Walk briskly while swinging arms easily back and forth.

-When the left foot steps forward, the right arm swings forward. And, when the right foot steps forward the left arm swings forward.

-Count to 1 and breathe in

-Count to 2 and breathe out

-Continue count for a 15 minute walk

-Then instruct your child to stop, take a final deep breath in, slowly let it out, open his eyes, and stretch arms and torso to sky and then to finish, bring arms down to sides.

Without taking account of the obvious benefits of walking in general, teaching walking meditation to a child provides them with a lifelong tool for achieving focus and coordination for maximum problem solving.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By HerrKrueger

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