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Building projects are an awesome way to stimulate logic, expand imagination, develop spatial reasoning skills and teach kids problem solving. Experienced parents would agree that construction and building toys are absolutely necessary to unlock the imagination and encourage your child’s unique creativity.

Construction toys can range from blocks, like Lego, to cardboard bricks to magnets. Children get to be in charge with these toys- the only limit is their imagination.

As they build, children are  learning and developing reasoning skills while figuring out why or how it works. To help your child get the most out of the experience, avoid doing it for him. The most wonderful gift you can give him is stepping back and only provide help if its asked of you.

Starting construction play early is great because children learn the skills at their own pace. As a child grows older, his understanding of concepts such as gravity and balance expand.

Construction toys eventually can turn into real life projects. Planning and preparation come into play.

There are many construction toys designed for older children, including models, Lego sets, Geomag and marble mazes are some great options for developing reasoning skills.

When you pick out construction toys for older children, choose based on their interests, such as racing, space, robots or movies. It becomes a great opportunity to create wonderful family memories if you incorporate these building skills into a family project like building a fort or a dog house.

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