Kids for Troops

Our local school discussed how students can help U.S. troops keep up their spirits by writing letters and sending care packages. There is a way to even adopt a platoon!

The idea of supporting the men and women who are keeping us safe has been an interest of my son’s for a while because his uncle is a serviceman. Now, knowing that he is making a difference in the life of at least one dedicated deployed American has given him a great sense of accomplishment in civic duty. He has even received letters back and he is amazed at how much impact his letters and packages have.

Participating in this community project has even helped him build up his writing skills and  knowledge about other countries.

Numerous organizations connect people with U.S. servicemen and women deployed overseas. Here are some:

The American Red Cross program helps people send items such as toiletries, paperback books, and snacks to troops overseas.

Adoptaplatoon  is a volunteer organization that allows participants to communicate with a whole platoon or to set up e-mail correspondence with individual soldiers.

Operation Military Pride is a volunteer organization which offers various ways to support troops, such as writing letters, sending drawings and sending cards and packages.

Please note that because of security concerns, mail no longer can be sent addressed to ‘Any Serviceman’, as in the past, through the US Postal service. Now,all letters and packages must be addressed to a serviceman or woman by name, which is why the above organizations are a vital link.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By isafmedia

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