Learning Fire Safety

We spend a lot of time teaching our children about the dangers of the world- not to talk to strangers, what to do if they are lost etc. When I received a flier from our local fire fighters about fire safety, I realized I had not imparted important fire safety tips or an evacuation plan to my kids.

Being prepared for incidents such as house fires can save lives. Our local fire department suggests having a fire evacuation plan to help your family escape from a fire quickly.  Little details like, head count, which route to take are important for everyone to know so  the whole family can escape from a fire fast and avoid panicking.


First, practice and time the family evacuation with the family so they know it.


-A clear route out of the house should be in place.  When choosing a route make sure there are no obstacles


-Choose a gathering point near an exit for the family


-Everyone must know their roles, like in our house I am responsible to take our toddler out and once outside, our son is to hold his sister’s hand


-Do the fire drill often, until it has become routine for everyone


– Instruct everyone they are not to run back into the house


– Part of the drill must include maintenance and knowledge of how smoke detectors, water sprinklers and fire extinguishers work


For ways to prepare your children for fire safety, click here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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