Learning in Mysterious Ways

Creating a scenario or fictional setting can be a great way for children to express their creativity and imagination. Tools that take students into another world and let them be whoever they want to be allow for their minds to grow and expand.

The Mystery of the Poison Dart Frog is a site that comes from the North Carolina Museum of Art. In this online picture book, students meet Zoey and Zeke who visit their cousin Camilla who is a curator at an art museum in Costa Rica. Mystery engages the characters into an adventure where they must use clues to match Costa Rica art pieces with notecards about the art that were written by the donors of the pieces. These clues allow children to use their reading and deductive reasoning skills to learn about solving problems, art, science, history and the culture of another country.

By solving mysteries like this one, students can practice inferring in situations and other reading strategies. Students can do this assignment in groups or independently and it is so engaging and fun that they might want to do it just for fun! You can use the story to read together to a group and solve the mystery together, too! With extra information like maps of the area and local animals, there is a lot more to learn from this site!

What’s great about this site is that it is available in both English and Spanish so you can incorporate it into language lessons, too! You can use it for group lessons or even when studying other countries, such as Costa Rica.

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