Let’s Dance!

Let's Dance!

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Some of our favorite games when my children were younger involved dancing. No – it wasn’t formal dancing, and it didn’t matter that I had two left feet. It was a move and jump and twirl and fall down and laugh kind of dancing – the best kind if you just want to enjoy some time with your kids. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Getting Started

Clear out some dancing room. Push the sofa and chairs against the wall and make sure you have plenty of space to play.

Plan on dancing with them! Children love it when mom and dad participate, too.

Put on Some Classics

Classical music is a lot of fun to dance to, as the instruments and tempos continue to change. You can use CDs or find music online on sites such as this one. Start when the music starts, stop when it stops, and show your children how to dance in time with the tempo.

Dance to Peter and the Wolf. Tell your child about the music and how each instrument represents a different character: the flute is the bird, the oboe is the duck, the French horn is the wolf. Play the music and have them act like those characters.

Follow Directions

Play songs that give directions, such as The Hokey Pokey. Or, follow your child’s lead! Let your child decide the choreography of the dance and match it.

Add Some Extras

Long flowing scarves and ribbons are great additions to a dance. Show your child how to hold onto the end and let the rest of it flow behind.

Add some rhythm. Pull out percussion instruments such as maracas and tambourines and have your children play them as they dance.

Be a Star

Have a contest. You can give a prize to each contestant for accomplishments such as fastest dancer, slowest dancer, most graceful, and most creative.

Record it! Get out a video camera and record some of the dances. When everyone is finished dancing, settle down on the sofa and enjoy watching the videos together.

What are some of your family’s favorite ways to dance?

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