Let’s Play Soccer!

My children have all been part of a soccer program at one time or another, and it was always a really good experience. My nephews have played soccer every year from early elementary all the way through high school. It’s no wonder they loved watching the World Cup games!

Soccer is a great sport for almost any child, whether the child is athletically inclined or not. If your child is interested in playing, there are lots of opportunities out there where he or she can get involved. Below are just a few you can look for. These programs are offered around the country; check to see if there’s one in your area.

Soccer Programs

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) – This group is one of the oldest national soccer organization in the United States. It has various programs for different age groups, from ages 3 through 18, making it a program the whole family can become involved in.  Because the program relies on lots of volunteers, it’s often less-expensive than some other programs.

Upward Sports – This Christian sports organization offers soccer programs to help children develop mentally, athletically, socially, and spiritually. Young athletes learn the skills at the recreational levels, then they build on those as they join more competitive teams.

US Youth Soccer Club – This national organization has been around for 40 years! The US Youth Soccer Club provides soccer experiences for children at all skill levels. They can join teams that play just for enjoyment of it, or they can be part of a more competitive league.

YMCA – Local YMCAs offer sports programs for children, including soccer. There’s usually no pressure with tryouts or competition; the emphasis is on showing kids that sports are fun.

Is your child involved in one of these soccer programs?  How did he or she enjoy the experience?

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