Let’s Take a Trip – Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Even though school is out, summer is the perfect time for students take a field trip. What if you could go on a trip without ever leaving the house?

The Utah Education Network, consisting of public education partners, local school districts and libraries, aims to create educational opportunities for those in the community. To enhance these opportunities, they have created a site with Virtual Field Trips.

The virtual field trips are a great way for parents, educators and students to learn and explore about the many different topics that usually come about through a field trip. By “taking” a field trip, you can visit and explore areas in a wide range of subjects. These subjects include career/technical, fine arts, foreign language, health/PE, language arts, math, library media, professional development, science, social studies and technology. There are even online tutorials which explain different tasks with an easy step-by-step guide for kids.

There is also a section for users to upload their very own field trips. This is a great way for educators to share their own experiences from field trips with others around the world. By sharing information you learned, pictures you took and the experiences your children had, you will get to take others right along with you on that journey.

This site also has a list of links to other virtual field trips. Here you can explore wonderful areas of the world and learn all about these places that students read about and learn about in school. Virtual field trips are the easiest way to leave the world around you without actually leaving!

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