Make a Movie Afterschool

Since we gave him a small digital camera, our son has been playing around with capturing videos. Lately, his frustration at the limitations of what he knows and what his equipment is capable of seems more and more evident. I worry he will lose momentum in this new interest because of obstacles and that would be a shame.  As we all know, most people who excel in their field of interest start out at tender age.  When kids are truly interested in something, it’s really important parents step in and help.

That said, I started researching to find an inexpensive filming class. While there are a lot of sites chuck full of inspiration and information, I settled on what seems a comprehensive free 36 week online introductory filming class.

Unlike other sites I saw, Filmmaking 101 class does not require fancy equipment. A computer, Internet connection, a digital camera that can connect to the computer (even a cell phone with video capabilities applies)and lastly, a free you tube account.

Its simple.  Students learn, at their own pace, writing, editing and special effects and how to make documentaries, dramas and animation and much more.  Students can learn the basics of video production for free! And taught by someone who went to film school.

After reading about it and determining its legit, I introduced my son to it.  I think it will be exactly what he needs to set out in the right direction.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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