Make a Historical Scrapbook

Historical Scrapbook

Photo By: Nate Steiner

My fourth grader loved learning about ancient history this year. For one of his projects, we decided to create a historical scrapbook. This is his “travel book” – showing his “adventures” through Ancient Egypt. Your child’s travel book would include his favorite destinations, too.

Choose a Scrapbook

To start, purchase a scrapbook or three ring binder with page protectors. I liked using a scrapbook better, as it looked more like a real travel log.

Include Great Photos

Include photos of your child on his “travels.” My older son is good at Photoshop, so he actually helped us with this. After taking some pictures of my fourth-grader, he superimposed them onto scene of Ancient Egypt. That way, my fourth-grader looked like he was really there. Even if you can’t create these on the computer, you can take pictures of your child, cut them out, and have him glue them on a historical background.

Gather photos of other big moments. The photos you use might also include one of your child packing, one of the snacks he took on the trip, and one of him returning.

 Add Other Mementoes

These might include postcards of the places he visited, napkins or menus from the restaurants where he ate, ticket stubs to shows– all created by your child, of course!

 Write About It

If your child likes to write, you can have him write some journal entries, too. Have him imagine and write about the time he visited the Pyramids, the Palace, or the Sphinx. He could also write letters home about his adventures.

Include a list of unusual facts your child learned about the time period, or a list of the top ten places to visit.

 Put It All Together

After you’ve gathered everything, start putting the scrapbook together. You can look for themed scrapbook paper at your local hobby store or just use colored or white cardstock. Use double-sided photo tape, photo splits, or glue sticks, to adhere the photos and journal entries to the paper.  Once it’s done, have your child share it with friends and family members.

What kinds of things would your child include in a historical scrapbook?

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