Make a Stop Motion Video

A few weeks ago, our local library offered a class for 8-12 year olds. The topic: How to Make a Stop Motion Video with Legos. My son went to the class with a friend, and he’s still making movies!

I didn’t know it at the time, but Lego has a free app for iPads, iPods, and iPhones. Download the app, and your child can start creating his or her very own stop motion video. It’s so easy! Here’s how to do it:

Make a Plan

Have your child decide on the type of movie he or she would like to make. Will it be an action film, a mystery, a love story, or an animal adventure? What is the basic plot of the movie? It’s okay for the plot to change along the way, but it’s helpful to have some sort of plan when starting out.

Gather Your Stars

When my son did the class at the library, everyone used Lego characters. The kids brought their own, and the library also had some they could use. Although the app is by Lego, children can use any type of characters they would like. Characters made of playdough or clay can change shape all through the movie. Figurines or small stuffed animals would also work. Have your child gather all the characters needed before filming.

Build Your Props

Props for the movie set will make the final product even more fun to watch. If your child is using Lego characters, Lego buildings, cars, ships, and planes make great additions. You can make other props out of any type of craft supplies you have on hand. A cardboard paper towel tube can be a tunnels; construction paper or cardstock can be transformed into a house or storefront. The possibilities are endless!

Film the Movie!

Once you open the app, you’ll find a place to give the movie a title and put in your child’s byline. If your child is unsure of the title, don’t worry; you can come back and edit this slide later.

Next, show your child how to arrange the props and characters for the first scene and snap a picture. Then show your child how to move the characters just a little bit to create the next scene. Snap another picture.

Now it’s your child’s turn! He or she may want to pick up where you left off or start again from the beginning. If your child starts again, just delete those first two photos. Have your child continue posing the characters and taking photos until the movie has ended.

Edit and Save

There are lots of ways to edit the movie. Your child can add music or dialogue, change the color scheme, and insert extra photos. He or she can also change the timing of the movie so time between images is faster or slower. Be sure to save the movie when it’s finished.

My son has found a new creative hobby since he took that class at the library. Now he’ll spend an hour or two making just one video. It great to watch him swell with pride as they just keep getting better and better!

Photo by: Spielbrick Films

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