Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

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Whether it’s a party for just you and your child or you invite friends and families over, a make-your-own pizza party is a great way to celebrate an occasion or even create one yourself. What the children don’t know is that it’s a learning experience, too!

We have a friend who hosts a pizza party every year, and it’s so much fun. Supplies are divided up among participating families. Several families will bring the dough; some of it is pre-packaged, while some is homemade. Other families bring along cooking sheets and pans, sauce, and cheese.Every family also brings their favorite toppings with enough to share. Sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon, peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions, spinach, pineapple, apples, cinnamon, chocolate chips  – whatever they enjoy.

Are you ready to host a pizza party? Here’s all you need to do:

Shape It!

Before beginning, remind the children about the importance of washing their hands before touching any food. Then have them sit at the table and give each one a ball of dough. Show them how to form a crust. Let them know they can make their pizza whatever shape they like – pizzas don’t all have to be round!

Measure It!

It’s time to add the sauce. Have the children measure a certain amount. It’s a good opportunity to show them the measuring spoons and/or cups and explain the different sizes. Next, have them add the cheese of their choice. Again, they can measure the cheese, either with a measuring cup if you’re going by volume or a kitchen scale if you’re determining the amount by weight.

Top It!

Place all of the toppings in containers on the table where the children can see them. There will probably be some they aren’t familiar with, so be sure to talk about each one and even give the children a taste. Show them how to put their favorites on top of the pizza, either scattered around or in a fun design.

Bake it!

With lots of children and only one oven at our pizza parties, baking goes on for quite a while. But the kids have each other to play with while they wait for their special pizzas. And there’s always extra to take home.

What are your families favorite homemade pizzas?

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