Manual Labor After School

When most of my peers and I were young kids, it was a common thing to see kids performing manual labor for their family and community. Nowadays, kids do very little but play video games and watch tv or take part in after school activities- all centering around their enjoyment.

Manual Labor After School

A casual poll amongst our friends shows that at home, parents do all the housework. Aside from asking kids to clean their rooms, parents expect little else.

From our experience, helping out by performing some manual, sweat inducing tasks instills a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility at an early age.

In our home, we ask our kids, including the little one to help out a lot. We ask them to help us clean and carry groceries in etc.

In the community, we reach out to elderly neighbors and see to what needs doing at their homes so we can help. For example, after the last bad storm we had, our ten year old son and his dad picked up and disposed of broken tree branches and pieces of garbage that had landed in our elderly neighbor’s yard.  It was hard and tiring work. Though he complained throughout, I could tell our son was proud at the end of it when our neighbor gushed her praise and thanks.

It varies everyday and certainly we make sure the task matches his ability, but there is something to do everyday and he will be a better person for it.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By cafemama

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