Meetups – Where Can You Meet?

In the ever lasting search for playgroups, friends or people with common interests to spend time with, I came across Meetup, an online resource which makes it simple to connect with other people in our community.

Meetup is the largest network of self-organized clubs and community groups online. The site makes it easy for anyone to set up a local group or find one to attend. There are literally millions of people using Meetup to learn from and  support each other.  Via these groups people can share their lives with other people.  Meetup boasts 12 million memberships- with that many people, it’s highly likely you will find a few groups in your area to join. And if not, you can create your own.

When I was looking for a group to make friends with for my son and I, we found a section on the site called Mom Meetup. They specifically get together to have fun, create playgroups for their children and build their local communities via support. We have attended a couple of these playgroups.

My son had wanted to meet other kids who like to play Beyblades. We searched and didn’t really find a group for that interest. So after joining the site membership, we created our own meetup with that focus. We picked a date, place and time.  And when we arrived at the appointed place, we waited. About five minutes after the meetup had started, two boys and mothers showed up! It was great. The moms chatted while the boys got to know each other and played. It was a success and we plan on using this awesome tool again.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By orcmid

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