Movie Making – Great Home Videos

Movie Making - Great Home Videos

When my oldest son was small, we purchased a video camera that recorded on the little 8 mm video tapes. It was quite an investment at the time, but as with most technology these days, it became quickly outdated. Today, there are so many other ways to record, including cell phones, iPods, iPads and tablets, and digital cameras. For kids, making a movie has never been so easy!

My children love to make their own films. Sometimes they plan them out ahead, and sometimes it’s all impromptu. Once in a while they’ll have a director, but usually it’s a collaborative effort.  You may need to step in with some advice and help at the beginning, but once they get going, they’ll have a lot of good ideas of their own.

Some ideas

Gather together old Halloween or drama costumes. If you don’t have any, keep on the lookout for some at thrift stores or yard sales. We have a collection of outfits, hats, and wigs that make the characters fun.

Find extra props for the movie. These might be toys, household objects, or even garden tools.

Try out some different accents! Find some family-friendly YouTube videos with people talking with different accents and practice.

Make a music video! Pick a favorite song, find a microphone (or make one), and enlist a few band members.

Add special effects to your movie. Some cameras have these affects built right in.

Edit your movie with computer software. Microsoft Moviemaker is a free download, and there are others available as well.

My children had some friends over, and together they did a music video to the song “Sunrise, Sunset” (Fiddler on the Roof). They even used a bubble-blowing machine. Not quite the same as the traditional version! What did your children come up with?

Photo by Yorkton Film Festival

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