Napping After School

After a full day of learning, my son takes a long long nap.  I often worried and tried to keep him up but I have realized he really needs it as he gets older.

Napping After School

Sleep is more important than anything for growing children.  If they don’t get enough rest, they spend days feeling groggy and out of it. Definitely not at their best.

Too little sleep affects academic performance and a child’s emotional well being.  I don’t know about you but my son cannot concentrate, is slow moving and weepy if he doesn’t get enough rest.

I have been wondering if lack of sleep can cause permanent problems. I know my brother and I are not sound sleepers because we were brought up to wake up at odd hours because of of our parents long work days.  We have a hard time sleeping even as adults. I also wonder if tweens and teens are so moody and surly because they at simply tired.

Chronic sleep deprivation ( is a real problem. Signs of chronic sleep deprivation in kids include:

-extremely slow to wake up in the morning; needing caffeine or other pick me ups to wake up

-difficulty paying attention

-quick to fall asleep. Keep in mind a healthy sleeper takes 20+ minutes to fall asleep

-extremely poor and slow reaction times

-overly emotional

I would not want my child to suffer this, therefore restorative naps are a good thing in my book.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By stickwithjosh

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