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There is nothing more wonderful, in my opinion, than watching my son reading afterschool.  It is what he does when he’s bored, tired, waiting or just stuck inside because of the weather. Because he’s such an avid reader, he makes his way through books like a knife through butter.  Therefore, I try to keep up with what books are out there right now so I can ‘order’ them via our local library website to be ready in the knick of time.  These two books seem like really good reading for ages 9-13:

Tangerine by Edward Bloor

This story is about a nerdy boy named Paul Fisher.  He has to wear thick, Coke-bottle like glasses because of an accident. After moving to Tangerine, Florida, the problems with his mean, older brother, Erik escalate and Paul is in constant fear him. Paul must find the courage to make everyone see Erik for what he really is, and along the way, learn some really tough life lessons.

Middleworld (Jaguar Stones Trilogy Book One) by Jon and Pamela Voelkel

This action packed adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat. The protagonist is a boy named Max whose parents are archeologists.  They leave for a very important dig in San Xavier and Max follows withour their knowledge. The adventure kicks into high gear as he travels to find his parents, who he finds out, have disappeared and been transported to the Mayan Underworld. Max’s mission is to try to find a stone that will help him get to the Underworld and find his parents.

I can’t wait to see if he enjoys these!

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By  tps12

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