Night Bowling

We are more than occasional bowlers and we love it. We practice often to help improve our bowling game and help raise our bowling average. We have found concentrated practice does improve our game.

Night Bowling

Now real bowling requires a lot of equipment in order to practice effectively. A bowling lane and pins, a few bowling balls, bowling shoes, etc if you are lucky enough to have a private bowling alley.

However, there is a readily obtainable way to hone your swing mechanics, spare shooting angles, and strategies without leaving your home- night bowling!

Night bowling is a very fun and simple way to get your practice in. On the grass in your yard, the sidewalk, living room or your driveway, you can play night bowling .

You will need:

-Seven large 1.5 L water bottles or large tall clear containers

-Enough water to fill the bottles

-Small but heavy ball

-Multicolored glow sticks which can be found in the camping isle at any department store

-Participants of all ages though solo play is still fun and doable


Take the labels off the water bottles, fill them with water but not all the way to the top. If they are pre filled, remove tops and remove a little of the water.

Break the glow sticks and shake them to get the glow effect.

Place one glow stick in each of the bottles.

Close bottles tightly.

Line them up and start bowling.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By failing_angel

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