Personal Development Through Journaling

Journaling is a powerful road to personal development.  By getting thoughts down, you can gain insights you would otherwise never notice.  Journaling is not just for adults.  Children can begin to self discover by learning this great process.

Personal Development Through Journaling

Journaling allows a person to to playback thoughts and ideas from a third person perspective.  When the thoughts are being written down, the writer is in the first-person mode. When reading the journal, the writer’s perspective is almost that of a spectator.  This provides rare insight to a person’s mind and his or her truth.

Journaling can be used to record a personal thoughts and experiences.  It can also be used to solve difficult problems. Journaling allows the writer to re-examine a situation making a solution become clear. Journaling can help a writer increase clarity about a situation or a state of being. It can also help to solidify what you already knew. This kind of self validation can be invaluable in gaining self confidence.

If journaling is started early, it provides a time machine of sorts to note progress and see where maybe a different decision could have been made.    As a child grows and changes, journaling captures the journey.

A great journaling app may interest children who are seeped in technology. Check out  MaxJournal.  This app provides a way to write a daily journal, notes and outlines. Tags allow for easy organization. the app also allows for photos to be attached, adding a memory book component. By exporting entries as a PDF, text, or email, journals can be printed out for prosperity.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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