Plan a Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner

If you’re looking for a fun family activity for the holidays or any day, organize a progressive dinner. It’s not only an enjoyable way to spend an evening, but you’ll get to know your child’s friends and their parents better as well.

A progressive supper involves a meal made up of several courses – all at different locations. Because you’ll be progressing along with your children, you can add in some activities, too.

Invite the Guests

First you’ll want to find three other families to participate. Start by asking the parents of your child’s closest friends. Other guests can include families from sports teams or other activities your children do. When you find enough interested families, set a date that works for everyone.

Plan the Meal

Divide up the meal into four parts with four activities. For example, Part One includes an appetizer and board games. Part Two is a salad and a song. Part Three is a main dish, such as a casserole, and a story. Part Four is dessert and conversation.  Assign each family one part. If one family is more musically inclined, give them the song. Or if another family enjoys art, assign them the job of planning a craft. Other ideas for activities include storytelling, charades, and reciting poetry.


On the night of the progressive dinner, everyone meets at House Number One. When the appetizer and activity are finished, everyone moves on to House Number Two. Continue on to Three and Four, and enjoy the evening!

Has your family participated in a progressive dinner? What are some other ways you’ve done one?

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