Point of View

Perspective-taking is a value skill right up there with morality.  Its a skill that helps kids empathize and experience what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes.  This skill develops naturally in early childhood, however needs to be maintained to be a strong asset in adulthood.

There are many ways we parents can do to help our children in perspective taking. Here are some ways:


– Whenever possible have discussions about other people’s feelings and how they may be thinking about things. Start early and emphasize the skill between your children, so they can understand each other better.


-Provide plenty of opportunity for your child to explain his own thinking to you and others.  This helps him isolate his own perspective and validates it.


-Encourage your family to talk about emotions and feelings everyday.


-Include discussions of characters’ perspectives in stories you read together. Brainstorm why the two sides of a story differ in the telling, then tell the story from the point of view of each character in the story.  For example, use Thanksgiving dinner and the perspective of the people eating the turkey and the perspective of the turkey.


A good set of books to use for helping kids get perspective is  this list. This set features classic tales done in the different characters’ point of view. These different stories help kids interpret the information in a different way and helps them expand their world view. Tools like these are easy, enjoyable and very effective.


Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By DBarefoot

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