Postcard Collection

postcard collection

With a postcard collection, your kids can get connected with friends and family around the globe and learn geography as they do! Here’s how you do it:

Make a list of friends and family members who live in a different city than your own. They may live a county away, a few states away, or on the other side of the ocean.

Next, gather the email addresses for each person on the list.

Now, with your child, compose a letter requesting a postcard from that person. The letter might go something like this:

Dear NAME,

This summer, I am collecting postcards from all over the world. I am excited about how many I can collect and where they will come from. Would you be able to add a postcard to my collection? All you have to do is send me a card from your town. My address is:  XXXXXXX

Thank you!


If you send the letter to enough contacts, your child should receive a number of postcards. What fun it will be to find one in the mailbox and see who sent it!

Once your child begins receiving cards, have him start tracking their origins on a map. We have a wall-size world map, but you can also use a printable map. If your map is on a wall, mark the origin of the card with a push pin or sticker; if you’re using a paper-sized printable map, your child could make a mark in colored pencil or crayon. Be sure to mark the starting location of each card that comes in. To take the project one step further, have your child research each location as well.

Watch your postcard collection continue to grow, and enjoy!

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