Preparing Kids for Family Move

A friend of ours is moving soon. Her kids vary in age and they are not happy. Their mom has handled the preparation with a lot of care.  She had some great ideas to help the kids to adjust to the move.

Preparing Kids for Family Move

She set up communication technology, like Skype and email, for her kids and helped their friend’s parents set it up too with a commitment to conference call or email each other as much as possible.

She purchased stationary and stamps and cool pens to encourage her kids to write letters to family and friends.

She confirmed who planned on visiting them at their new location soon and wrote it on the family calendar to have something to look forward to.

She made sure her kids collected friends’ phone numbers and addresses to keep in touch with them. She also made sure to tell her kids how many minutes they have allotted monthly to keep in touch.

She planned a going away party for her kids at their school. She got each if her kids an autograph book so they can have all their friends and teachers sign it.

She took pictures of their house and their favorite haunts as a keepsake.

She had the kids make a list of the things they would not miss when they moved. Like, the cold, snow, black ice etc.

She helped them research the new location by looking at – pics, videos, blogs etc to get a sense of where they are going.

All of these things helped but the most important thing she did was validate her children’s emotions but also let them see her own excitement and sense of adventure.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By TheMuuj

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