Push it to the Limit!

Sometimes it takes a journey to reach a goal. In this case, it really does.

Joel Kirsch is a former sports psychologist for the San Francisco Giants and president of the American Sports Institute, a nonprofit educational organization that applies the principles and practices of sport culture and wellness to other kinds of challenges.

Together with the Institute, they are creating the Arete School of Sport Culture and Wellness, a tuition-free, privately funded school in California, to integrate sports practices to help generate higher marks in school, health and also to motivate students. As an Arete School Pilgrimage, Joel is taking a journey in push-ups from the northern end of Marin County to the southern end on the Golden Gate Bridge, totaling about 40,000 to 50,000 push-ups. They have already received a lot of publicity on this trip, which will raise the visibility of their important message and efforts to create the school.

Kirsch believes these ideals can revive American education. He is traveling this distance on a journey to promote a healthier education. When students are engaged in physical activity, they can realize their full academic and health and fitness potential.

Research has shown that engaging in high levels of physical activity increases academic achievement; maximizes health and fitness; improves attitude, behavior, and mood; promotes longevity; reduces medical-care costs; and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

With all these benefits, it is sometimes mind-boggling why we wouldn’t instill these benefits into our children’s education. From feeling more energized, focused or just plain, old good about yourself, there are so many benefits of health that are linked to exercise and fitness. Hopefully Joel’s journey will help millions more see that!

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