Rainy Day Game Day!

Rainy Day Games Ideas

Summer in our area usually means lots of thunderstorms. If your children are stuck inside on a rainy afternoon, you can plan a game day! It’s easy!

Rainy Day Games Ideas

First, gather up all the favorite board and card games you can find. Be sure they’re ones all of your children can play. They can be as simple as Go Fish or more involved like Clue. To make the afternoon even more fun, invite neighbors or friends over and have them bring their board games as well. Find a table where you can set up, or use card tables if you’re having company. Get some fun snacks and drinks together and set them up as well.

Next, write down the name of each game on a small slip of paper. Put them in a bowl and mix them up. Have the youngest child choose one from the bowl. That will be the one you start with. If you have more players than allowed, divide up into groups. Have the child pick another game for the second group to play. You might have two children playing Connect 4, two more playing Battleship, and four others playing Sorry. If one group finishes before another, they can play theirs again or choose another to play. They might also decide to take a break and have a snack.

When everyone is finished, reward the winner with a special ribbon, prize, or treat. Then draw another slip of paper and play another game. End the day with one the whole group can play in teams, such as Taboo, Pictionary Jr.,  or Apples to Apples. Your children will have a lot of fun – and you will, too!

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