Reading ‘Round the World!

According to the World Almanac, there are 193 countries in the world.  In those 193 countries, there are at least 6900 languages spoken!  That number of languages is hard to even imagine.  The world record holder for most languages spoken is 58.  That’s only about .8% of the total languages.

With that many different ways to say “Hello,” it’s easy to think that people all over the world have very little in common.  However, there is something that links all of the children of the world:  Reading.

The International Children’s Digital Library recognizes this common language, and provides a free resource for children all over the world.  The ICDL has 4456 books in 54 different languages!  You can search for books by language, length, age-level, subject, and title.

The ICDL offers breathtaking picture books from all over the world.  Even if you don’t know how to read the language of a particular book, it’s fun to look at a book from another country and try to figure out what’s happening in the story using the stunning pictures.  For example, Atasay is just one of the many beautiful books written in Farsi.  Check out some of these books, but remember, in languages like Farsi, you read from the right to the left!

For older readers, many chapter books are also available.  The books are easy to read and navigate, and you can zoom in so you can see the words more clearly.

No matter where you come from, reading is a wonderful gift that binds all of us together.  The International Children’s Digital Library has given this gift to people all over the world.

Article By Jonathon Kus

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