Hundreds of Exciting Afterschool Language Arts Activities

Looking for fun activities and projects, games or suggested readings for your student(s) afterschool? Want to encourage your child to read and write? has hundreds of fun reading and language arts, after-school resources for parents organized by grade level.

Below I have sampled each category on ReadWriteThink’s Parent and Afterschool Resource page to paint a picture of the plethora of resources available on the website. All of the engaging activities are created by experts and easy to use outside of school.

Activities and Projects

Create a Career Blog

This activity, complete with step by step instructions, websites, and printables invites students of all ages to explore various careers and create a blog. Children will research careers, explore their own interests, and create an online journal to build and share for years to come.

Games and Tools

Flip Book

The Flip Books is a web 2.0 application that allows users to create and illustrate flip books up to ten pages long. Students can make creative, original picture books, outline their notes or required readings, and much more with this interactive tool.

Tips and How-tos

How to Be Safe Online including Online Profile Tips

This tip teaches parents and teachers how to teach teens basic guidelines about online safety, including useful links and literature. Each tip is accompanied by corresponding projects, tools, printouts, and resources.


My Nature Story

Help your children develop their observational and creative writing skills with this printable. Students use the handout to create a Nature Story after observing various objects in nature.


What Should I Read Aloud? from Chatting About Books

This podcast is useful for parents, caregivers, and teachers in need of help when selecting picture books for their children.

Homework Help from SmartTutor

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