Reconnect With Your Family

This month has been horribly hectic!  It feels as though I have not stopped to breathe much less connect with my family. Yesterday, as I drove home from the last errand, I caught sight of my son in the rearview mirror, looking a little lost, and a bot forlorn. I realized in the chaos of the day, week, month, I had neglected to make conversation, connect somehow.

My family comes before everything else but I have let that principle slide recently. In an effort to rectify this and get back on track – be centered and connected to my family, I have come up with some activities to do together that will help achieve this objective. My plan is to make these consistent weekly activities:

– One night a week make dinner together and play a board game.

– Read a book, piled on the couch, as a family.

– Take an evening stroll.

– Start a campfire in the yard and have an evening under the stars.

– Write notes to each other. Write family messages on a dry erase board.

– Do a project together. Maybe make a photo album, paint a room, or help them make their personal spaces more inviting.

– Take a class together (yoga, art, karate).

– Plan a party or get together.

– Set up a date night with each member of the family, one-on-one.

– Cuddle

– Volunteer somewhere together

I know these cannot be done every week, but if we choose a few to concentrate on each week, we will stay connected.


Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region

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