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My son used to run constantly when he was little. As he enters the tween years, and with the rise of obesity and diabetes in this country, getting him out to exercise has never been more important. So why not running track?

He is interested now, but In the beginning I had to get him interested enough to try. We had fun:

-Running in the park

-participating in relay races

-timing ourselves as we run short distances for fun -going to a marathon and a local 5K race to watch someone we know compete to share in the excitement


He has entered some local kids’ races with short distances.  These races are fun and just the right amount of challenging.


Currently we are looking for a youth running program to join.

My hope is he will learn a lot about the sport, maybe make new friends and hopefully develop a lifelong habit of personal fitness.


My one caveat is that the program is not too intense. I want him to get some exercise but fun is essential. If it’s too serious an atmosphere then that would defeat the purpose.


According to the track coaches I have spoken with, its best to involve children who show interest in running as early as kindergarten. The one coach said his kids condition by  playing tag, doing obstacle courses and running with their family dog.  Those all sound like fun ways to build up to actual track training and racing.


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Article By Nuria Almeida

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