I often wonder what goes on in my child’s head. I always look for opportunities to glimpse his ideas and thoughts.  Recently, we started an ongoing project that really helps me see how he sees himself.

My son’s self-portrait is a reflection of what he looks like and how he interprets himself and the world around him.  If I want to get to know my child, I need look no further as the self-portrait is his personal story. I could not get a third of the information if I asked him to write down an answer to the question “who am I?

In order to make the process a slow and deliberate one, I set up a corner of the room with an easel and any art supplies he wanted to use. For example, acrylic paints, brushes, a couple of glasses of water, stencils, oil pastels, pencils, crayons, glue, magazine cuttings, stencil letters, and other unexpected materials. These included branches, rocks, twigs, feathers, tinsel and many others – all of which he used in interesting ways.

I purchased a canvas so that it had the feel of something important. Everyday, increasingly so, he worked on it, adding a little here and there. I never pressured or even mentioned the project. It was his to do as he wished. After it started taking shape, he really got into it.

The end result was incredible.  It’s an activity we will repeat every year to tell the story of his growing up.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By edenpictures

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