Social Network Site for Kids!

With the dozens and dozens of social network sites out there, it is no wonder why kids want to get their own account and interact with their peers. Although many sites allow kids to have an account, they may not always be age appropriate. Luckily, there are some social network sites that are made specifically for kids.

ScuttlePad is designed for kids ages six through eleven. This safe, supervised place allows children to communicate and interact with other kids just like them. Parents can visit this site and register their children for an account. All images that are uploaded are reviewed before being published. By limiting the amount of information that can be accessed to just first name and hometown, ScuttlePad also protects personal information from being shared so there is no need to worry about kids giving out or getting other important information.

The interaction of members is a great way for students to practice communication and social skills. Without distracting games or applications, students can focus on the actual interactions they are making with other members. There is even a word bank that students can use to help them with their communications. Status updates allow them to share hobbies, activities and other plans they may have with their friends. They can send messages and meet other kids from all over the world, just like older kids do on other sites.

Parents can also check out the forum for more information and help with the site and a guided tour on registering.

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