Social Networks for Kids

Most of my family and friends have a social network account.  I have one as well, so it was no surprise when my son asked to get an account too.

I didn’t object because it seems for the most part, these social network sites are good social training for life.  I find that it can teach empathy and to develop a sense of self, even in adults. It’s a place where you can express yourself and grow and develop by doing so. For young people, there is the added benefit to learn how to socialize with peers.

After asking others about what their children use, we have settled on Everloop, because it is only for children, sends parents a notification on what the child does on the site and requires proper spelling for posting.

It was amazing how many options are available for kids. Some other recommended social network sites for children by age:

1. ScuttlePad

For ages 7+, this is a safe and simple site, but which children outgrow quickly.

2. Yoursphere

For ages 9+, this site promises ultra safety features.

3. Franktown Rocks

For ages 10+, this site is for kids who like to connect with music.

4. GirlSense

For ages 10+, for kids who are creative and into fashion.

5. Sweety High

For ages 11+, this site boasts lots of secure fun for girls.

6. YourCause

For ages 13+, great way to raise money for kids with big projects.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By GabrielaP93

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