The Sound Game – What Do You Hear?

This is a fun sound game you can play with just one child or with a group. It takes a little time to prepare, but it will get the kids listening!

Before You Start

Find a recording device, such as a tape recorder or a voice recorder on your phone.

Go through your home and record familiar sounds. They might include:

  • A squeaky door
  • A toilet flushing
  • A ceiling fan turning
  • Water running in the bathtub
  • Water running in the kitchen sink
  • A pet meowing or barking
  • The pump for the fishtank filter
  • A buzzer on the washing machine or dryer
  • The timer on the microwave
  • Someone brushing his teeth
  • Someone drying her hair
  • Someone typing on a keyboard
  • Someone clicking a mouse
  • The fan over the oven
  • A cabinet door closing
  • A blender
  • Someone sweeping the floor
  • Radio static
  • The vacuum
  • Pots and pans banging
  • A garage door
  • Noises made by special toys
  • Voices of family members

To Play

Play back the sounds for your child to identify (randomly, if possible). After your child names the object making the sound, ask him where it was made. Some sounds are only found in certain rooms of the house. Make a list together as you go, seeing how many sounds were made in the kitchen, how many were made in the bathroom, how many in the bedroom, etc. Include a column for sounds that can be found in more than one room.

Do it Together!

Get your child involved in the process even more by recording sounds together! After your child has played the game, ask him if he would like to find sounds for a friend or other family member to identify. Search for new sounds to record; you can go outside and even into town to find more sounds. Here are some ideas:

  • Birds chirping
  • Insects buzzing
  • A bell on a bicycle
  • A car horn
  • The wipers or turn signal on a car
  • Ambulance or firetruck sirens
  • A motorcycle
  • Squeaking of a swingset
  • Someone splashing in a pool
  • Beeping of a scanner in a grocery store
  • Tires rolling over gravel or rough pavement
  • Helicopters or airplanes
  • Music
  • Traffic
  • Churchbells ringing

What sounds did you and your child hear?

Photo by: Travis Isaacs





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