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This week, I went to a used book sale to hunt around for bargains. I came across a game we had when my older children were small: Soundtracks. It’s a great game designed for ages 4 – 8.

Soundtracks | Afterschool Activities

The game consists of 4 playing cards, playing chips, and a CD (we had a cassette tape with ours). Each card has nine photographs of different objects, such as a car, a ball, a violin, and a train. Some of the photos feature children doing things, such as sneezing, crying, laughing, and drinking through a straw. The sounds associated with the photos are on the CD.

The game is played like a traditional bingo game. To begin, simply put in the CD and listen to a sound. Players then search their boards for a photo that matches the sound. The player that has the matching photo puts a chip on the picture. The game continues until someone’s board is full of chips. Then you have a winner!

The company also makes another version of the game called Animal Soundtracks. The boards for this game feature both domestic and wild animals such as an elephant, a goose, a cat, and a guinea pig.

The Soundtracks games are also a great starting point for other creative activities. You can take the CDs in the car with you and have your children guess the objects, or they can look out the window for the things that make those sounds.  They can practice imitating the sounds. One year, we made our own version of the game as a gift for a friend. We took photographs of different objects and made up game cards. Then we recorded the sounds the objects would make. It was as much fun to create as it was to play!

Photo by Samantha Bell

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