Spell It Out! – 4 Fun Spelling Games for Students

Over the summer, students sometimes can’t seem to find time to pick up a book or keep up with their summer reads. There are plenty of fun games that can help students improve and keep up. Spelling is often tied into reading lessons, so if it is presented in a fun matter, students will have no problem keeping up with these skills over the summer!

Missing Letters – This quick game has students fill in the letters that are missing from a word in the kitchen. Once they complete the word, they can find it from a list below and then click on the correct one to add to the oven!

Spellits – This site from BBC offers plenty of spelling games for students in Flash based activities. With a maze game you can use your spelling skills to help the characters escape. You can catch a horse in another game and even solve a mystery all with your basic spelling skills!

Spelling Bees – Build your very own beehive by spelling a word correctly. Spell as many as you can, because the person who makes the highest beehive before time runs out wins! You can play with up to 4 people by creating a game or joining one that already has been created!

Everglades Spelling – In this fun underwater adventure, you can choose an animal that you want to race with. By filling in a missing letter to an incomplete word, the animal will race closer and closer to the finish line. If you answer incorrectly, the other animals will get closer too. It is a race to the finish!

Try these fun games with your students and have them spell their way into the next school year!

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