Sphinx Kids

Sphinx Kids is a part of the Sphinx Organization’s Classical Connections program, which strives to bring classical music into underserved schools in the United States.  However, your child can enjoy it too!

Sphinx Kids contains interactive games and videos from the Sphinx Classical Connections CD-Rom as well as from the New York Philharmonic’s KidZone website. It is a music site that has games and learning modules that provide kids with a fun way to learn all things musical. Kids can:

-Learn about famous composers

-Learn the difference between different string instruments

-Learn about minority composers

-Create a band and practice

-Learn about orchestras

-Match music and composers together


For more educational music sites like this, check out these interactive websites relating to all aspects of music:


Classics for Kids: Compose Your Own Music-This site allows kids to compose and record their own tunes!


PBS Kids: Thumb Piano Tunes Learn about this African instrument and the culture it is used in.


Pauly’s Playhouse: Freaky Frank’s Music Machine – Kids can make very modern and cool sounding music using synthesizers and other cool gadgets.


Classics for Kids: The Note Name Game Kids play games to gain understanding of what makes up music.


ArtsAlive: Activities and Games– All about classical music.  It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!


Dallas Symphony Orchestra: DSO Kids Games Learn all about symphonies by listening and playing games.  This one is for kids who want to know more about this kind of music.  Not for a die hard rocker!

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Gerg1967

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