We are not religious people but we consider ourselves spiritual. We have noticed that kids seem happier when there is some spirituality in their lives.


Spirituality gives kids a feeling that their lives have meaning. Feeling like you have value in yourself helps you develop a deep relationship with others and within yourself.

Anything that increases personal meaning in kids is a good thing.  Spirituality helps kids express kindness and compassion.

As you expose your child to a spiritual life, always maintain a present perspective on what it means to live a spiritual life. It is more than picturing the ideal self. The person we strive to become.  That person that is always doing good and is respectful. It’s more than this.

The term spiritual refers to achieving:

– a deep connection with others

– wisdom

– personal growth

– a closer connection to a higher power or nature

– tolerance and forgiveness of others

Achieve the spiritual life by living these principles on everyday to the best of our ability provides our kids with a great example to follow and learn from. We also must show how to avoid the pitfalls- like finding inner peace instead of nurturing turmoil, avoiding toxic relationships, and not living in a healthy way.

It’s our behaviors and our lifestyle that our children will emulate ultimately. There are a lot of resources and inspiration online and in the community. To keep helping your kids find happiness in a spiritual life, check out this site.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By AlicePopkorn

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