Springtime Cleaning Afterschool

Most families I know do their dreaded spring cleaning on a weekend, and they never really involve the kids. We were like that too. However, this year I decided to change it up a bit: spring clean on a weekday on an early release day, the kids are going to help and it’s going to be fun.

The truck is to assign age-appropriate chores for each child that will last no more than ten minute spurts.  Kids have bursts of energy and mixing it up helps. At the end of it, you can give them a reward. My tween son gets to stay up an extra hour. My little one gets to see a movie of her choice with me. The real reward they won’t realize until later are the great sense of accomplishment they will feel and the great feelings cooperation inspires.


Some great ways to make it fun:


– Turn Up the Radio- Music makes time pass quickly, gets everyone moving and keeps the energy positive! Dance and sing together, making some great memories in the process.


– It’s the effort that counts! Keep in mind they are kids and be happy with whatever result. They will want to pitch in more often in the future.


– Make piles!- Have the kids sort and organize items like toys, books, DVDs etc into three piles- donate, keep or toss. You will be surprised at how much they are willing to part from once they see you making the same choices with your stuff.


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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Lotzman Katzman

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