Compare and Contrast Stories | Second Grade

Subject: Reading

Subskill: Reading Comprehension

Concept: Review

Grade Level: Middle Elementary

The Fox and the Crow

There once was a very hungry crow.  She picked some food off the ground and held it in her beak.  “I will fly up to the tree branch.  There I will eat my meal in peace,” she said to herself.

Just then a fox looked up and saw her.  He decided he wanted the food for himself.  But how could he get the crow to give it to him?  He thought up a plan.

Calling out to her, he said, “How beautiful you are, dear crow!  If only your voice was equal to your beauty, you would surely be Queen of All Birds!”

When she heard that she did not have a pretty voice, the crow let out a loud “Caw!” and dropped the food out of her beak.

The fox quickly picked it up and said, “Your voice is pretty enough.  You are just not smart enough to know when someone is playing a trick on you.”

The Dog and the Shadow

There once was a dog named Max who found a bone buried in the dirt.  He was very happy to find such a treasure.

On his way home, Max came to a bridge over a stream.  As Max crossed the bridge, he looked down into the water. There Max saw his own shadow.  He thought it was another dog with a bone much bigger than his own. Max quickly let go of his own bone and jumped into the stream.  He wanted to take the bigger bone away from the other dog.

In the end, Max had no bone to chew at all.   The bone he had in his mouth was swept away by the stream. The bone he saw in the water disappeared because it was just a shadow.

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the stories.

Which story used animals to teach a lesson?

Which story had a character that played a trick on another?

Which story had a character that wanted what another person had?

Which story had characters that were unhappy at the end of the story?

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