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Bowling is a great all year round sport that children can practice during the week and compete on weekends as part of a children’s league.  This is a classic fun game which also teaches consistency, patience and strategy. Being on a league also teaches children to be good teammates and to learn good sportsmanship.

Bowling can be deceiving at first. It looks like a fairly easy sport but don’t let that fool you. It requires plenty of skill and grace to play well.


Since you can rent the correct size bowling ball and a pair of bowling shoes at the bowling alley, the initial investment is really just the cost of the bowling alley fee.


If your child wants to join a local children’s league, purchasing a bowling ball in the right weight (from 3 pounds to 16 pounds) and getting the correct grip is imperative. The league can help with this information, should you need help getting your child set up.


As your child is learning this sport for the first time, he can practice the bowling stance and the throwing movement safely at home with a pair of rolled up socks. Watch and mimic videos online of players in action to perfect those moves. You can also practice bowling as a family any day of the week.


Most bowling league games are held on Saturday mornings. This is extremely convenient to enable most parents’ involvement and encouragement during the game.  As in any sport, this is key in helping to feed the child’s self-esteem.


Many bowling alleys across the US have programs where kids can bowl for free . For a location near you, check here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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