Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

We are reading a lot of picture books this summer for our library’s summer reading program, and we’ve come up with some new ones to add to our favorite’s list. One of them is entitled Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.

This fun story is about a boy who gets his kite stuck in a tree. To get the kite loose, he throws his favorite shoe at it, and it also gets stuck. Next he throws his other shoe, which, of course, gets stuck too. Next he throws the cat, then a ladder, a bucket of paint, a duck, a chair, and his friend’s bike. But the kite is still stuck!  So he throws more and more objects into the tree, including a car, the milkman, a rhino, even a curious whale! In the end, he does get his kite down, but you’ll have to read the story to find out how.

The illustrations for this story are simple but so much fun, too. And they’re a great starting point to get your student’s creative juices flowing. Here’s how:

After reading the story, have your child draw a picture of a tree with a kite stuck in it. What would he use to knock the kite down? Have him draw that item stuck in the tree. Now, what would he use? Have him draw that item in the tree as well. Encourage him to be creative with his solutions. How many objects can he fit in his tree?

For even more fun, draw along with him! Take turns drawing the items that will get stuck in the tree. For another variation, you can have your child draw the tree, then cut pictures of objects out of magazines and glue them on the picture.

Whichever way he does it, your child will enjoy getting things stuck!

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