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Give your student(s) motivation, purpose, and an appreciation for writing and poetry this summer with the Poetic Power / Creative Communications poetry and essay contest. Every famous writer started somewhere… your student(s) can start here!

K-12 students in the United States or Canada can submit their poems or essays for a chance to get published and win prizes. The best of the best will even be published in a hard-bound anthology. Because the publication is regionally based, your student(s) will be competing with their peers in both age and location.


Creative Communications publishes thousands of student writers each year. Teachers, professors, and writers evaluate each entry. With no entry fee, there is no reason not to participate!

The top ten winners in each grade division will receive a $50 savings bond, recognition in a book, and a free copy of the published anthology. Teachers with 5 or more winning students will also receive a free copy of the anthology.

Rules and Deadlines – Poetry

Summer contest poetry entries must be postmarked by August 17, 2010. All poetry submissions must be the original work of the student, in English, appropriate content, and over 21 lines of text.

Rules and Deadlines – Essay

Summer contest essay entries must be postmarked by July 15, 2010. All essay entries must be the original work of the students, appropriate, in English, and must not be over 250 words.

Click here to get started. And don’t forget to check out the previous winners!

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  1. “Cat Woman”

    For Cat woman I go hurray!
    I love it when she saves the day.
    If she looses I go oh – man!
    But I know she can.

    She’s my hero you can see.
    She makes my stomach fill will glee.
    Cat woman loves to help in any way.
    All you have to say is, “Help Cat woman, save the day!

    Remember, She will come to save you.
    You always need to no it, too.
    When she comes to get you,
    All you need to think is, oh!
    And when you’re feeling healthy,
    She’ll make you turn wealthy.

    You always, always need to know,
    Where she’ll show is from below.
    You want to meet her, yes you do!
    She’s always there beside you too.
    She loves to help you!
    And you should, to

    By: Raven Vincent- 5th Grade
    C.L. Salter Elementary School
    106 Brecon Access Rd.
    Talladega , Al 35160
    Mrs. Gwendolyn Smith-Coordinator
    Media Specialist

  2. “Give Me What I Want”

    I came to this world just to be me.
    So you just do you and I’m gonna definitely do me.

    My momma keep me flawless and my daddy keep me mad,
    They know I get angry when I don’t get my way.

    I get what I want, I stand until I win.
    What I want for my sixteenth birthday is a Mercedes and a Benz.

    I know I might not get one but I’m gonnna keep hoping till the end.
    I’m going to win me one at the end.

    I like going riding and my favorite color is purple.
    It’s always thundering on me that’s why I keep my umbrella.

    I be balling like my mama. I be balling like my mama.
    I be swaging in the room, in my pajamas.

    Haters on me heavy ‘cause I’m looking so sexy. With
    pink diamonds in the mall shopping all day, I be flexing!

    MarKiya Cook-6thgrade
    C.L. Salter Elementary
    106 Brecon Access Road
    Talladega, Alabama 35160
    Gwen Smith-Media Specialist

  3. “GET A CLUE”

    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    I found money in my shoe!

    What will I do without you?
    I wonder will I ever, ever get a clue.

    What will happen if I pray?
    I guess I’ll keep trying every day.

    I’ll help my friend with his homework too.
    If I get a clue it will be for you!

    I just got a clue! I tried everyday.
    I even prayed, thank you Lord for this day!

    Jerrius Curry-4th grade
    C. L. Salter Elementary School
    ` 106 Brecon Access Road
    Talladega, AL 35160
    Gwen Smith- Coordinator
    Media Specialist

  4. “SWEETS”

    Sweets are tasty.

    Sweets are really not to eat, but just try one,

    they are very, very sweet.

    Sweets can come in many colors and flavors.

    Sweets are yummy to your tummy.

    You can eat sweets when you’re hungry.

    Sweets, Sweets, Sweets, Sweets, they’re really


    Just grab some gummies!

    Jayme Sanders-6th grade
    C.L. Salter Elementary
    106 Brecon Access Road
    Talladega, Alabama 35160
    Gwen Smith, Coordinator/
    Media Specialist

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