Summer Jobs

If your child wants to make some cash this summer, do not discourage them.  Kids as young as 13 year olds can make money by putting in some effort in finding a quality job.

Prepare your child by providing the following life-long advice:

-Always apply in person before noon. If he or she applies in the morning, it shows motivation -He should dress like he already works there; if he does some research on the staff attire, he can try to mimic that. Looking neat and clean is imperative.

-Find out what the hiring manager’s name is, and then address him or her by name, smile, and shake hands.

-Bring a pen and a résumé.  If there is no previous work experience, list accomplishments, skills, letters of recommendation.

-Right after interview, send a thank you note.

-Three days after interview, return and follow up.

Some summer jobs for kids:

-Golf Caddy- one of the most lucrative of all jobs for kids ($40-$60 a round plus tips, its relatively easy to do (pulling the golf caddy and handing golf clubs to the players) and to get (show up early in the parking lot and offer your services).

-Web Consultant- kids can set their own hours and this fancy title is simply helping technology deficient adults set up and manage social networking sites, or clean up desktops etc.

-Babysitter/ Nanny

-Landscaping Helper-provide some some muscle to help neighbors with cutting, moving rock, weeding, trimming, edging etc.

-Office helper- ask small business owners if they need help with shredding, filing, reception, etc.

-Car Detailer-  wash and wax cars, clean vents and vacuum car interiors.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By SpecialKRB

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